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Friday, 21 June 2013 14:12
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There is something I really do enjoy about Deii. She takes me places.

No, really I get to go along to different places with her, a lot.

Like today... I went with her to a pottery painting place. Yes, I just hung out in the bag and she didn't let me paint anything but I went along with her. Last weekend I got to go on the Writers Retreat with her. I even got bubbles...

 photo TFKitBubblesJune14_zps86966583.jpg

I didn't get to play with them, but I think I will today.

Deii is going out with her friend Mistress Nicci today and they are going to take their cameras around and I get to go along with in my almost finished Cape of Epicness. (It is orange and really cool.) I think Deii is going to take the bubbles too. At least I think she should take the bubbles.

The last time she went photoing with Nicci she took me and several pictures were taken.

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But she said she was taking me and I was going to get to where my new Cape of Epicness. She is making another one but that won't be ready in time. (That one has poke a dots. Not sure of it's name yet.)

I love getting pictures taken... don't you.

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Deep breaths...

Friday, 14 June 2013 00:42
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I know I am posting a week late. But the last two weeks have been interesting.

Last week Friday Deii had to take her wonderful little Chavi-girl and help her to the next stage after life. It was a very hard day and a very hard night. (She had to work.) So I have been comforting her.

Deii said the hardest thing for her was when they took Chavi back to give her the first sleepy shot that Chavi called out "Mommy!"... oh you should probobly understand that Deii hears all of her fur and finned babies in her head, an inner voice. It is why she is such a good fur-mama. Anyway, she heard Chavi call out "Mommy!" Deii responded with tears in her eyes. "It is okay baby. It is okay." Then Chavi said. "I am scared." But Deii knew it was the right thing to do.

Chavi was eight years old, skinny and no longer able to hold her poop or pee. The thing was her mind was all there. She would have fought if Deii thought they should. But this was about quality not quantity.

And even after Chavi had left her body, she knew it was right because Chavi told her so. She was so excited to see all of the others, especially her sister, and to explore the grounds of the Summerland.

The passing on of any family member is always difficult. Helping one on is very hard. You were a diva Chavi-girl and you will be missed.

 photo ChaviSweaterWings.jpg
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I know it isn't Friday, but I had to share.

Deii went out and wrote. Yes, it was for the class she is doing next week but she wrote.

She went up to the local coffee shop and sat down with her notebook and worked on the class she is doing for the writers retreat.

 photo TFKitBigby_zps970b72c5.jpg

YEAH!!!! I will have more to talk about on Friday... she has done a fair amount this week and it isn't even over.

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Now that I have a moment to sit down and chat I am taking it.

Phew! It has been a busy and crazy week. There have been a lot of things going on. So much so that very little creative writing has happened. Now that doesn't mean writing hasn't happened. Deii has been working on writing stuff, it just hasn't been the stories.

You see, she has a writers retreat that she does once a year. It is good. It inspires, but it takes time and organization. So right now she is working on classes for that. Mini workshops that will keep the group busy. There are three that she has taken on. She is considering dropping one and making it a discussion time. It will depend on her sanity level. (I keep telling her to take it easy but she only partially listens on things like this.)

Now the other thing that I want to talk about here... yes, I am putting on my serious glasses. Yes, I have serious glasses, they are really cool. The other thing that has been on my mind is something that I am slightly hesitant about. It is a good thing but at the same time it is just another thing, another distraction.

Deii has an idea for creative-ish writing. Twelve month long challenges. Some are easy and we would be doing anyway even if she didn't make them challenges. (the classes for the retreat and NANO.) But the others might be distractions from the writing of the stories. I haven't totally thrown my cape in on this but I haven't really said now either. I am reserving judgment just yet.

This month, with the retreat, will be the determining factor on whether or not we take on these challenges. It will definitely be interesting.
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Okay, I don't have a lot to say...

Actually I do have a lot to say, but don't really have the time. Deii is charged and raring to go on some creative stuff, one is actually writing and she wants to work on that right now. That means I have to surrender the computer so that she can get started on that.

There is some stuff I need to write on that... sorry she is kicking me off. On a good note... almost a page on the story she is currently working on. (Handwritten but that is okay... it is writing... on a main story.)

Well, off I go, to inspire.
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Well lookie here. Might be a little late but I am getting it going. And I am still pushing Deii. Still only about a sentence or two a day (at least that is how it averages out) but it is something.

One good-ish thing that Deii is doing. She is listening to radio shows called podcasts.

 photo TFKitPodcast_zpsde6313b8.jpg

Yep, she is listening to specifically, The Knitmore Girls, The Knitting Pipeline and The Knit Knit Cafe.

I am not sure how I feel about this since, well, they are about a distraction. She argues that it is primarily at work that she listens to them and needs to be able to work and not get thinking about other things that will distract her. I disagree, I think she can listen to some epic books and get inspired to write.

I personally hope she will listen to some great books about epic battles and ferrets saving the world. That would be perfect.
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Well, I have managed to get her to write about a sentence a day... on a story, not just facebook.

I think that is a slight accomplishment, especially considering what she had been doing, which was nothing.

Today was not a writing day. Nope, it wasn't. Now before you yell and scream and tell me I am not doing my job, let me just say this. Enchiladas, Mom's World Famous Tuna Pasta Salad and Orange Chicken with rice and veggies. And she is thinking about fish with pasta, veggies and a light cream sauce on Sunday. Mmmmmmmm. Yeah, Deii's inner chef came out to dance.

I think she is really proud of the Enchiladas, which are now in the freezer waiting to be cooked.

 photo EnchDinn_zps5bc98965.jpg

It is going to be so yum... we hope. Do some cornbread up, maybe add a little jalapeno in the cornbread. A small side salad. Soooo good.
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That is it!!!

I am doing this. I am taking over this blog. It is becoming mine. My place to scream, yell, cajole her into her creative pursuits. Specifically writing.

I am a muse after all!!

Oh wait, I didn't tell you who I am. Well, that is silly of me.

 photo TFKitCoffeeCup1_zpsabd8d2de.jpg

I am T.F. Kit. I am Deii's muse... no. Not amuse... A Muse. Someone or thing that inspires creativity.

Often times we, yes there are many of us, are associated with writing, but we really cover more than just one thing. Of course sometimes a person can have multiple muses who compete for their attention and... sorry politics. I should leave that alone.

Well, overall I am a muse, and Deii's muse and I have been lacking in my job to inspire. So here is me standing up and inspiring here. And it will be amazing.


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